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Dharma Mountain Meditation and Freedom Resort

Dharma Mountain Meditation and Freedom Resort is built up around the mystic Vasant Swaha. He came to Hedalen in the year 2000 with some friends, and fell in love with the place, the silent nature and beautiful mountains. Here he envisioned a place for people to reconnect with their inner peace, to find their true potential as a human being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Since then Dharma Mountain has become a center for people who want to come back to themselves. Swaha has long retreats every summer (and sometimes in the winter), which are the core of Dharma’s activity, offering a unique possibility to go deeper into self inquiry and meditation, with the support of a spiritual friend. Here Swaha shares with us his wisdom, joy, silence and love. Seekers from all over the world are coming to join his retreats. From this space many other activities and groups have been created and invited, along with the inspiration to make the place more and more beautiful – and so the flowering of Dharma Mountain unfolds.

Renter for Biodanza retreat

” Dharma Mountain is a beautiful place to facilitate retreats and workshops. The setting in nature is gorgeous, the buildings are esthetically attractive, and the distance to Oslo is short. But the very best about this place is the people; whom make the food (which is fantastic), whom greets you upon arrival, whom have prepared the place for precisely you and your event participants. They do a fantastic job and one can sense the love in every action. They have an eye for practical, aesthetical, supportive and nourishing issues, and this makes them an irreplaceable part of any event. It is easy for me to choose Dharma Mountain again, and I can most warmly recommend others to do the same.”

– Unni Heim, Biodanza Norge – www.biodanza.no

Renter for NFON silent retreat

”The Norwegian Association for mindfulness (NFON) held a 5 day silent retreat at Dharma Mountain in August 2013. We found the place perfectly suited for our purpose. The care and attention that has gone into creating this retreat centre is obvious, and the quiet setting and surroundings gave us all the necessary framework for surrendering to the task of being present with what arises.

The staff were also very helpful and made a significant contribution to making our retreat a success. I would gladly recommend the place to others, and we will continue to use it.”

– Michael de Vibe, Leader NFON

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