Biodanza & neo-shamanism

8. september - 10. september, 2023

Unni Heim

Life in the center of Life

It is with great joy that I invite you to a full weekend at Dharma Mountain dancing our way home to the very heart of life.

Connection is the foundation for a vital, nourishing, content and healthy life.

The feeling of coming home in ourselves and life brings a natural joy and gratitude, and as well as a new power and energy for living.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to connect & strengthen our innate, essential, instinctual and eternal connection, and to transgress the structures of separation

In our core we all have an inner wise man/woman connected to our intuition; a part of us that can see beyond the structures, transgress time and space and feel a deep love for life. This part of us can archetypically be called or our Inner Shaman or Inner Healer.

“We are nature. Nature is us. All life is interconnected. Enter the dance of life and discovers the wonder we are.»


We live in a time where we are all invited to wake up; to see behind the veil, to experience life as life and not as an image of what life is; to love an be loved and to strengthen in us what we want to see more of in the world.

Two of the essential qualities guiding us into this knowing is ecstasy (fusion with the surroundings) and intacy (deep inner connection).

We are lucky to have nature available around us, and we can learn from nature and how it keeps its ever-vitalizing balance through cycles and its diversity.

During this retreat we will connect with life in its essence, and with ourselves and others as wild and sacred being. Most of the sessions will be inside with music, and we will also include the nature around us for one or more sessions. Ceremonies and rituals have a central place in this modality. We will welcome the elements, the directions, life energy and the sacredness at the very heart of our being.

Who can join:

This retreat is for those of you that already is familiar with biodanza and have experienced this modality in either weekly classes or in at least one workshop/retreat before. It is for you that feels the calling to connect deeper to the mystery of life. You need to be in psychological stable health, and able to contain yourself and your process. You also need to be drug free. 

Unni Heim is the director of The Rolando Toro School for Biodanza – Norway, and the founder of Biodanza in Norway.

Unni is a warm and sensitive facilitator. She grew up in Tromsø, but has lived most of her adult life in Oslo or around the world. Since the year 2000, she has been on a deeply transformative journey, both personally and professionally. She works full time with dance, meditation, ceremonies and human development, and has been invited to teach in several countries in Eastern, Southern, Central and Northern Europe, as well as South Africa and Bali.

She startet teaching biodanza in 2006, and has also been teaching biodanza & neo-shamanism many years and is the only biodanza facilitator on Norway being trained and teaching within this modality of biodanza.
Bringing people together to support our deeper life journey and inner process is her greatest passion.

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