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Being in Love!

13. February 2015
by Sana

To talk about love is definitely not an easy task. But I’ll dare to share something that I’ve been experiencing and reflecting about.

Isn’t love something everyone is longing for? To find the perfect lover, to share beautiful moments together, to grow together in intimacy, to be partners in life, to love and feel loved by someone…

When we have a look around, all the love songs, all the romantic movies, the soap operas and romances, and those around us seem always to be hinting in one way or another that we can only be happy and satisfied if we are lucky enough to meet the guy or the woman of our dreams! Of course it is much easier to walk around dreaming about a romantic love affair, that we are going to find our prince around the corner, the perfect one to fulfill our dreams and needs. But it’s seems it is not that easy!

There are so many hidden reasons that drive us into this pull that in a way put all human beings together in the same boat! Everybody, in one way or another, is longing for love. But do we dare to inquire deeply into what that really means? What are we really longing for? There must be something missing, some link missing that makes love so difficult to find, to live what we are all longing for the most.

If we have a deeper look into it, maybe our focus has been wrong. Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction. But are we courageous enough to realize that?

On the other hand, if we are lucky to have a longing to go deeper in to the mystery of life, and if we have the courage to start looking into ourselves, suddenly magic starts to happen. When we start to drive our life energy back to our own hearts, with an interest to know ourselves, to dive into the mystery that we are, a different kind of fulfillment, of contentment starts to happen.. When we learn how to take full responsibility for our lives, and also for our needs, learning to take care of ourselves, slowly a new overflowing of love starts to spread from within, like a sweet warm cloud surrounding and pervading us… life reveals itself as pure love, and then every form, every person we meet, every breath is an expression of this pure innocent love. We suddenly start to be in wonder with the miracle that we are!

This definitely does not mean that we don’t want to meet anyone else, that we are enough in ourselves. On the contrary, maybe more then ever we are ready to meet other heart, we are ready to share, to overflow and expand this warmth of love. But then it’s not anymore out of a need, it’s not a begging; it’s not to find someone not to feel our wounds and to be fulfilled by his/her love. It is more about sharing, an exchange, a melting of two mysteries becoming one bigger mystery. But for this to really happen, we have to be fulfilled ourselves. And also this does not mean that the other will be there, ready, waiting for us.

Just by going deeper in ourselves an understanding can come that nothing is in our hands. We didn’t do anything to be here, it just happened. As the miracle of life, love is a miracle, and it can only happen by grace. It’s not a doing, it’s not a need, it is not an achievement. Life itself is the only one who can create the possibility of this sacred meeting. In this way there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, it’s just to be available for life itself, the way it wants to manifest through us.


My Master said: “When you realize that God itself had designed you, you relax”. To realize this obvious, simple truth that “I am the miracle of life” is in itself so fulfilling, so loving and magical that nothing else can fool you anymore. It’s not anybody else who can fulfill you; it’s the understanding that life itself, God itself is being lived by you. That is the ultimate contentment.

Blessed are the ones who are on the path to live this true, being in love with life itself!



Sana is a devotee of Vasant Swaha, enjoying and exploring the way back to her true nature. She loves to share herself through Integration Craniossacral sessions and workshops of meditations. Living closer to nature is her biggest joy.





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