Life Alignment – module 5

12 - 16 September 2018
We’ll be taught how to ‘activate’ the immune system, an ’etheric body activation’, balancing neurotransmitters, learn to use archetypes, ‘ray activation’, advanced ‘brain integration’, vortex chakra meditation and much much more. Here is a selected few of the new body points: chakras 8–12, points for rays 1–12 & ray system, white blood cells, red blood cells, T killer cells, T helper cells, and many others.
The course will take place at Dharma Mountain, 1 h 45 m out of Oslo, Norway. In beautiful surroundings – they offer tasty home made vegetarian food and a spacious course venue, which we’ll have all to ourselves. The attendants will stay in cabins: two or three people in each one. The cabins are cozy with a spacious kitchen/dining/living room and simplistic rooms, plus a shared bathroom. Depending on the number of attendants the accommodation is circa NOK 1,000 per night in a shared room; NOK 1,200 in a single room, which incl. breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a snack during the breaks (biscuits, fruit, chocolate, etc.). Dharma Mountain has 42 beds.We’ll be organizing transport from Oslo (for those interested).This is a joint course for students from Norway / Sweden AND Germany /the Netherlands (who kindly cancelled their own M5). Though students from other countries are more than welcome to join us. :)So be quick to secure your place!
REQUIREMENTS: Module 4 (or possibly M3 with special permission)
Price: NOK 6,400
Course will bet in English
Please contact:
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