Mindfulness and Yoga Winter Retreat – Jonathan Weber

21 - 24 January 2020

In the beautiful winter wonderland of Dharma Mountain meditation resort, sink into the silent nature and reconnect with your inner peace through mindfulness meditation and therapeutic yoga. This is a perfect opportunity to gift yourself or another with a much-needed time out for self-care, come back home to your center, and explore mindful living with a supportive community. This is the 4th annual retreat, and we are happy to offer this popular retreat again this year.

The stillness of winter at the start of a new year is a powerful time to go inside, listen, and get clear about what is important. On retreat we can go deeper into meditation practice and let go of confused or suffering states, while getting insight into that calm, peaceful, and authentic place of Being. From this inner resource, we can make wiser and more compassionate choices in our lives, resolve difficult emotions or uncertainty, and feel more gratitude and loving-kindness.

Jonathan Weber will skillfully guide us into embodied Presence and Open-hearted practices through mindfulness meditations and Mindful therapeutic yoga. In the different sessions there will be sitting and walking meditation, loving-kindness meditations, dialogue and sharing, reflective journaling, deep relaxation, and dharma talks about practice. The yoga sessions will be gentle and accessible to everyone. Mornings until lunch will be held in silence to support inner reflection, mindful awareness, and a meditative environment. There is a sauna available, and you can book a professional massage with the resort. There will also be space in the day to just BE, unwind, and enjoy personal down time.

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