Inner Joy – Vipassana silent retreat

20. January - 30. January, 2022

Dharma Mountain Group


After movement and flowering come stillness and rest – bringing all the energy to its core

Dharma Mountain in wintertime offers a unique environment for a silent retreat.

The snow, the stillness and the night sky embrace us. They invite us to dive into ourselves,
where we can find rest and nourishment.

The retreat is open for everyone, also for you with no experience with meditation.
The retreat lasts for 10 days. We will enter full silence from when we wake up Friday morning.


Thursday 20th - Sunday 30th January

10700 NOK for program, meals, shared room
13100 NOK for progam, meals, singel room in shared cabin

Sett med håndklær/sengesett kan leies for 190,- eller du kan ta med egne.

If you have any questions, please connect with us by e-mail.
If something happens and you can't join, please read our rules here.


The retreat starts with dinner on Thursday 20th January and ends with lunch on Sunday 30th of January

Retreaten vil foregå på engelsk med mulighet for oversettelse til norsk

Daily program*

07.30-08.30 Morning meditation

08.30-09.30 Breakfast

10.30-13.00 Vipassana meditasjon

13.00-14.00 Lunsj

Self care time, walk in nature, sauna, sessions or individual sharings

16.00-17.00 Ettermiddagsgruppe

17.30-18.30 Vipassana meditasjon

18.30-19.30 Dinner

20.00-21.00 Evening meditation

* changes in program can happen

What is Vipassana meditation?

Vipassana meditation is an ancient technique of meditation. It came from Gautama Buddha more than 2500 years ago. It is very simple – we sit in silence, relaxing the body, and just watch the breath coming and going. There is no effort involved in the breathing. At the same time we take distance from everything that is happening around, from physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, and just watch without getting involved in them. In this way we can allow ourselves to by and by become more silent, relaxed and present – and to enjoy just resting and being with ourselves. In Dharma Mountain we have a soft and loving approach to Vipassana, and we do not bring effort and force into the practice of meditation. It is not about finding the perfect sitting position – you can sit in a normal chair if you want. It is not about forcing the body to be still, or managing to stop the mind. Meditation is more an accepting of whatever is here. By accepting we can relax and find that we have everything we need right here and now, and let ourselves be nourished and renewed, without any external reason.

You don’t need any previous experience with Vipassana to join the retreat; the technique will be introduced and guided. Vipassana means to see things as they really are.

Vipassana means to see how things really are.

Morning - and afternoon groups

The program includes soft movement, soft yoga and active meditations to prepare and support the body for sitting.

There will also be free time for walks in nature, sessions etc. and a room will be available for creative expression – writing, drawing or painting.


In a silent retreat we stop all communication with the outside world and bring our whole awareness to ourselves. When we stop and simply sit, accepting what is, without trying to change anything, gradually everything slows down. It may take some time to let go of our restlessness, thoughts and habits of being distracted. But when we allow ourselves to be silent over some time, and with the support of a group, we can slowly let go and experience silence deeper. Silence begins the first morning, from when we wake up. During the retreat we will still have possibilities to share and express ourselves, both within the program and in individual sharings with a facilitator.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation has been long known to bring a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. Recent research shows that the benefits are also visible in the body and the brain. Studies of people meditating over a period of time showed that the amount of stress-hormones had been reduced by 51%, and that it slowed down the heart rate and increased the blood flow. A study in Harvard university showed that people who meditated for 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks, had measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. (source: Psychology Today)

(source: Psychology Today).

Inner Joy is one of many Dharma Mountain groups. Read more about our background to meditation here.


Savini is leading groups in meditation and self-inquiry in Norway and Brazil, and also gives individual sessions. She has been involved in running Dharma Mountain since 2012. Savini facilitates groups with a natural silence and sensitivity that invites to open up to the silence in oneself.

Leena has her daily work in Dharma Mountain, where she leads meditations during retreats and groups, and arranges regular writing courses. Leena is also an author. She has a background from Osho Risk Therapist Training and Star Sapphire Energywork. Her work is characterized by presence, clarity and playfulness.

Prem Lee is a trained medical doctor and has studied traditional acupuncture. She has been leading groups in self-discovery and meditation in Norway and Brazil for over 15 years. She also has a background from Osho Risk Therapist Training. Prem Lee has a caring and loving presence.

Kumud jobber som sykepleier og underviser i yin yoga. Som yogalærer er hun opptatt av evnen til å lytte til kroppen, og finne mykhet og kjærlighet til seg selv.

Vimal is a trained medical doctor and has been practicing meditation and self-discovery for more than 20 years. He has been involved in running Dharma Mountain since 2006. Vimal likes to bring sensitivity and playfulness into exploring himself.

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