Sound of the Heart

16. September - 18. September, 2022

Synnøve Sjøtveit og Anine Øverlier

We are looking forward to host Synnøve and Anine's first retreat at Dharma Mountain!

Welcome to a heart-opening, voice-activating weekend that will lead you closer to your heart, you essence and your truth with the magical tools of yoga, sound healing, ceremonial cacao and ecstatic dance. 

We are going to dive deep into the field and magnificence of our own voice as a healing tool to remove blockages of the throat and heart this weekend. We will practice yoga every morning, as well as session of restorative & nidra and a tantra yoga class. The intention behind everything is to bring us closer to our hearts, and to move through this weekend with an open heart. We will experience the use of ceremonial cacao; both as a grounding, heart-opening medicine, and as a energy-giving medicine when we move into static dance. In restorative & nidra we will dive deep into both our conscious and subconscious mind, giving ourselves the opportunity to surrender into what is. 

The weekend will include

  • Sound healing & voice activation
  • Restorative yoga & yoga nidra
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Self-massage
  • Tantra yoga
  • Morning yoga flows
  • Vegetarian food
  • Sauna
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Deep connection and a safe place
  • Possibility to book a session like holistic massage, read more here..

Synnøve is a yoga-teacher with a big heart for the restorative and yin practices of yoga. She firmly believes in rest as the most important medicine for the busy world we live in, and teaches nidra many times a week, as well as yin and restorative classes at Leela Gamlebyen. She also loves a vigorous slow flow to get the blood pumping, and cacao as an heart-opening ritual where we can connect deeper to our heart as our true home. She is also educated within YogaSomatics and brings somatic cues and techniques into her teaching, which invites us into a deeper connection with our body and energy. 

Anine Øverlier walks the path of creative truthful expression. Her path has lead her to a deep connection to her voice. In the spaces she creates, she allows for multidimensional healing to happen through the group. She is here to guide others into true authentic expression in these times of rapid change. Her years of studying and practicing tantra has lead her to a deep connection to her bodily intuition which is her guide in every part of life. She works with plants and will be sharing about vibrational flower remedies and how to make them. She will be sharing how to open up your own voice to become a channel for your higher self, and how to connect deeper with the sound of our cosmic heart. To know more about Anine, check instagram @cymaticmystic  or facebook:

During the retreat you will learn how to discern between your inner selves so that you can communicate and harmonize within your being and receive the upgrades that are already coming through Earth now. You will become familier with the vibrational field that creates your body and how to trust your creative intuition in life. 

Dharma Mountain

We are so grateful to host this in beautiful Dharma Mountain. You will share a cabin with 2-3 other people, all the cabins have small kitchen, in case you want to eat/make something they do not served at Dharma Mountain. You can choose between a private or shared room:

Private room or shared room is the same type of room (photo 1). If you choose shared room you can also sleep on the loft (photo 2)

Single room in shared cabin: 5153,-
Shared room in shared cabin: 4153,-

190 NOK extra for renting bedlinen/towels. You can also bring your own (the bed is 120 cm wide). 

Paying options:

1. Non-refundable deposit accepted of 2153 for shared room, 2653 for private room can be paid until 16th of July. The rest is then to be paid by 1st of September. 

2. Pay all in one go, until 1st of September.


Friday: dinner
Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner
Sunday: breakfast and lunch

Maten som serveres vil være vegetarisk. Du kan forhåndsbestille glutenfri, lactose/melkefri eller vegansk mat. Hvis du har andre allergier/dietter, må du kanskje ta med noe egen mat.

To reserve your place, please send an email to: please include type of accommodation, full name and contact information. We will send you an invoice. 

With love from Anine and Synnøve

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