Tilstede – ("Present"), a weekend with forest bathing and meditation

6. September - 8. September, 2024

Dharma Mountain gruppe

For you who need a restart

Are you tired of performing and constantly rushing to get things done? Do you need to pause and reflect on what you truly want?

Tilstede ("Present") is a meditation weekend for those who need a breather in their everyday lives. At Dharma Mountain Meditation Resort, we help you go offline and seek stillness, presence, and a connection with nature. Our experienced and qualified instructors create an environment where you can forget about time and everything that needs to be done and simply enjoy and be yourself.

The weekend starts with dinner at 19.00 on Friday and ends with lunch at 13.00 in Sunday,

What will you get?

In everyday life, it often becomes a habit to be on the outside and constantly get distracted. We need a little help to slow down, come back to ourselves, and find peace and joy in just being! During this weekend, you will experience forest bathing, learn simple meditation techniques and exercises to become more present, and receive guidance and support to open up to natural silence.

Dette vil du lære og oppleve på Tilstede ("Present"):

Meditation in nature. Walking in the forest will be a new experience after this!
Simple breathing exercises with movements that you can do on your own.
Introduction to Vipassana, one of the world's oldest meditation techniques.
Active meditation that helps release tension and stress after a day of work.
...and other exercises and meditation techniques to bring more calmness and get to know yourself!

Several of the exercises we do at "Tilstede" can be taken with you and practiced at home on your own.

Throughout the weekend, I found an inner peace that I hadn't experienced before. I am also very grateful for having learned tools to find more presence in my everyday life. I will definitely come back and have recommended the place to others.

Participant, May 2023


Research shows that meditation can enhance concentration, reduce stress levels, and improve coping with psychological pressures such as restlessness, persistent worry, and nervousness.

In a group of individuals who meditated for 30 minutes each day for three months, the level of the stress hormone cortisol decreased by 51%.

At Dharma Mountain, we primarily use one of the world's oldest meditation techniques, Vipassana. It is a very simple method that you will receive an introduction to and guidance on during "Tilstede." We also use active meditations which allows the body to move, and helps release stress and tension.

Forest bathing

Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, was developed as a therapeutic practice in Japan in the 1980s. Forest bathing simply means "taking a bath" in the healing atmosphere of the forest by consciously opening our senses to the nature surrounding us.

In recent years, studies have demonstrated the healing effects of forest bathing: it reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the body, enhances the immune system, provides more energy, reduces anxiety, depression, and anger, as well as improving sleep quality.

At Dharma Mountain, forest bathing is part of our daily routine, and the research only emphasizes what we have already experienced and known for many years.

We also offer:

  • Mobile Phone Hotel
  • Vegetarian food
  • Mulighet for massasje og andre type behandlinger
  • Cozy cabins with single or shared rooms

Prices / Booking

The Early Bird price is valid until August 1st
Prisene inkluderer program, overnatting og seks vegetarmåltider. Du kan be om gluten- og laktose fritt og vegansk ved påmelding. 

• Single room, in shared cabin (NOK 6.010,-) Early bird: NOK 5.310 
• Shared room (NOK 5.386) Early bird: NOK 4.686
• Loft/attic (NOK 5.386)  Early bird: NOK 4.686 
• Tent space (NOK 4.834) Early bird: 4.134,-

When you book you place, you pay a deposit of NOK 1000 NOK, the rest by August 1st.

Dharma Mountain has hosted countless meditation retreats and groups for 23 years. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature and has a unique quiet atmosphere. Everyone who works at Dharma Mountain incorporates meditation into their lives, making it a holistic experience to join a group with us. We are known for our delicious homemade vegetarian food. Get excited! 

Course leaders

Leena has her daily work in Dharma Mountain, where she leads meditations during retreats and groups, and arranges regular writing courses. Leena is also an author. She has a background from Osho Risk Therapist Training and Star Sapphire Energywork. Her work is characterized by presence, clarity and playfulness.

Vimal is a trained medical doctor and has been practicing meditation and self-discovery for more than 20 years. He has been involved in running Dharma Mountain since 2006. Vimal likes to bring sensitivity and playfulness into exploring himself.

After Lao Tzu

Thirty spokes share the hub of a wheel;
yet it is its center that makes it useful.
You can mould clay
into a vessel;
yet, it is its emptiness
that makes it useful.
Cut doors and windows
from the walls of a house;
but the ultimate
use of the house
will depend on that part
where nothing exists.
something is shaped into what is;
but its usefulness
comes from what is not.

– Jan Erik Vold

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