Here we are

There are many of us involved in running Dharma Mountain. These are some of the people working here.


Sales, booking, marketing and Dharma Wellbeing 
Anurati is the first person you get in touch with when you want to rent Dharma Mountain as a group leader. She is responsible for email and phone communication along with Darsha. Anurati is part of the marketing team, and creates designs with playfulness and a sense of beauty. She is also a part of Dharma Wellbeing where she gives Transmutation Therapy.


Finance, kitchen and Dharma Wellbeing 
Ashika is responsible for daily finances and keeps track of all invoices and receipts. Additionally, she is a crucial part of the kitchen team as a chef and breakfast coordinator, and her laughter is often heard from the kitchen! Ashika is also part of Dharma Wellbeing where she gives Holistic massage and Reiki.


Azim is the coordinator in the infrastructure team, organizing both minor projects and the overall workflow with calmness, thoroughness, and warmth. He is also occasionally seen in the kitchen when needed.  


Sales, booking, hostess, and Dharma Wellbeing 
Darsha is the friendly voice you often encounter via email or phone. She coordinates the sales department and manages the information flow with ease, warmth, and great organizational skills, all while juggling numbers and letters. Darsha is also a part of the Wellbeing team. Dharma Wellbeing where she gives Holistic massage and Transmutation Therapy.


Kitchen and janitor
Dorje is our number one dishwasher and he assists the cooks. He also performs janitor tasks. His smile and laughter are always easily available, and he loves to mow the lawn.


Hamid is the person to call when something is broken. With his knowledge, experience, and humor, he finds solutions for almost anything related to technology and IT, in addition to being involved in both maintenance and new projects.


Infrastructure and kitchen 
Hosang is our chief caretaker and a friend to Dorje in dishwashing. He shares his friendliness and humor wherever he is at Dharma Mountain.


Kitchen, cleaning, and marketing 
Khani is one of our regular chefs, often seen smiling over the pots. She has a knack for finding better and more efficient ways to organize, which she brings to the kitchen, laundry room shelves, and new and fun plans for social media.  


Kitchen and cleaning 
Lavanya is part of the kitchen team, often making sweets and cakes for the participants' conclusion. Her gentle nature is also often seen with a cloth in hand around the main house or in the garden with a watering can. Lavanya also takes occasional photos for us, such as the ones you see on this page.


Marketing, facilitation, Dharma Wellbeing 
Leena works with Anurati to create marketing projects and is also part of the facilitator team for Dharma Mountain groups. She also loves being in the kitchen when needed. Leena is also part of Dharma Wellbeing where she gives Holistic massage and Star Sapphire.


Dharma Wellbeing
Marpa is one of our regular masseurs, with long experience in holistic massage. He brings presence and calmness into each session.

Marpa is also the man behind most of our videos.


Minal is one of our most experienced chefs, bringing dedication and presence to every meal she prepares.


Kitchen, cleaning and permaculture 
Nandana is our kitchen manager, taking care of workflow and menu with much love and generosity. She has a passion for permaculture and ensures the integration of permaculture principles in various areas, especially in the garden where she is often seen among flowers and thriving vegetables.

Prem Lee

Chairperson, facilitator and Dharma Wellbeing 
Prem Lee is the chairperson of Dharma Mountain and a crucial support in team collaboration. She is also part of the facilitator team. Prem Lee is also part of Dharma Wellbeing where she gives Transmutation Therapy. 


Hostess, Dharma Wellbeing 
Santoshi is often the first encounter with Dharma Mountain at the reception, where she greets everyone with warmth and care, offering tips on what to buy. She is also the hostess for some of our external groups and part of Dharma Wellbeing where she gives Neuro Integrative Embodiment.


Finance, administration, and facilitator 
Savini is our wise head when it comes to overall budget and administration. She often takes a step back, reflects, and broadens perspectives. Savini is also one of the facilitators in the Dharma Mountain groups.


Cleaning, kitchen, and Dharma Wellbeing 
Surati is the coordinator of the cleaning team and cabin manager. She also works in the kitchen, assisting Nandana in organizing workflow. As many of our guests notice, Surati has a knack for making everything a bit more beautiful around her. She is also a part of Dharma Wellbeing where she gives Holistic massage.


Dharma Wellbeing 
Taru is one of our regular session givers – offering Holistic Massage, Flower Medicine and Reiki Healing. She brings a lot of experience and intuition into her sessions. Taru gives Holistic massage, Reiki, Transmutation Therapy and Bach Blomstermedisin.


Infrastructure and facilitator
Vimal is part of the infrastructure team. He often initiates and supervises projects involving carpentry and painting. He is also part of the facilitators team.