Here we are

There are many of us involved in running Dharma Mountain. These are some of the people working here.


Sales, booking, marketing and design
Anurati is normally the first person responding when you make contact with us by phone or email. She is also our designer. With a great sense of beauty and playfulness, she easily and magically creates posters, books, newsletters and Instagram videos.


Administration, economy and infrastructure
Hamid enjoys a lot working with excel sheets and he has the overview of the economy and budgets. He also has a knack for finding easy ways for the workflow of Dharma Mountain. He meets technical challenges with a great deal of knowledge and curiosity.


Kitchen and infrastructure
Minal is our kitchen responsible. With presence and clarity, she takes care of the whole workflow in the kitchen and the menu. She also has a good overview of all the practical work at Dharma Mountain. In the infrastructure team she keeps an eye on the janitors.


Administration, sales, marketing, booking and facilitating
Leena is our general manager and she joins Anurati in answering phone calls, emails and with marketing projects. She is also part of the facilitators team.


Marketing, human relations and facilitator
Savini is part of the marketing and the facilitators teams. Her wise inputs always help us further. She also manages the work with human relations.

Prem Lee

Chairman of the board and facilitator
Prem Lee is the chairman of the board in Dharma Mountain and an important support for the team of workers. She is also part of the facilitators team.


Infrastructure and facilitator
Vimal is part of the infrastructure team. He often initiates and supervises projects involving carpentry and painting. He is also part of the facilitators team.


Reception and kitchen
Santoshi is the first person you normally meet when coming to a group at Dharma Mountain. She receives everybody in the reception with warmth and care. She often serves breakfast during groups. 


Kitchen, economy and wellbeing
Ashika is one of our cooks and also helps with breakfast. You can often hear her joyful laughter in the kitchen. In addition, she is economy assistant and an important support for Hamid. Ashika also offers Holistic massage and Reiki sessions during groups.


Kitchen and janitor
Dorje is our number one dishwasher and he assists the cooks. He also performs janitor tasks. His smile and laughter are always easily available, and he loves to mow the lawn.


Janitor and kitchen
Hosang is our main janitor and Dorje’s buddy in the dishwashing area. He shares his friendliness and humor anywhere you meet him at Dharma Mountain. 


Marpa is one of our regular masseurs, with long experience in holistic massage. He brings presence and calmness into each session.

Marpa is also the man behind most of our videos.


Kitchen, cleaning and permaculture
Nandana works in the kitchen as a cook and she is also part of the cleaning team. She is dedicated to bringing love and presence into her work and has a good eye for small details. Nandana is our main source of knowledge in the permaculture area and she brings permaculture principles into several areas of Dharma Mountain, mostly in the garden.


Kitchen and cleaning
Surati is our breakfast responsible, as well as an assistant for the cooks. She is also the cabin responsible, and organizes the cleaning work in the cabins and the laundry. As many of our guests notice, Surati has a knack for making everything a bit more beautiful around her.


Taru is one of our regular session givers – offering Holistic Massage, Flower Medicine and Reiki Healing. She brings a lot of experience and intuition into her sessions.