Mukti Gathering

Welcome to a weekend filled with meditations, music, dance, creativity and joy!

Mukti is a space where free spirits from all over the world can gather to experience and share freedom, silence, love, creativity and joy! It is a gathering dedicated to all the happy hearts who feel the call to join the inner and outer celebrations of life. Mukti is a sanskrit word meaning freedom; freedom from the bondage of the mind, freedom from the ego.

If it is your first time to visit Dharma Mountain (the location of the Mukti Gathering), it is worth experiencing in itself. A beautiful garden, a big field and a lake, all surrounded by wild forest with small paths, rivers and high mountains. All this, and fresh air too!


Prem Joshua & Band – Concert

Pioneers of an eclectic sound that draws its essence from the depth of India’s musical traditions as well as the innovation of contemporary Western music, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Prem Joshua and his international band are a leading light in the world of Indian contemporary music. Unmistakeably rooted in Indian Ragas and rhythms, his signature sound embraces a variety of cultures and conventions from across the world. Interweaving rhythms from Morocco with beats from London’s dancefloors, experimenting with Eastern European rhythms and jazz, and splicing together chillout and sufi verses, his search for synthesis continues to flourish at the meeting point of genres and influences.

Prem Joshua & Band – Workshop

In this special workshop, Prem Joshua & Band shares an even deeper side to their already vast musical talents. Through the immense power of music, a space is created where one can effortlessly “slip” into meditation – in the most playful way possible. Here, music remains not just on the level of entertainment but becomes a vehicle for meditation. In the workshop an energy circle is created between participants and musicians – beyond any words or specific spiritual teaching. There are no more listeners and no more performers – what remains is an almost tangible quality of silence and celebration.


Ole Magnus Kikut – Gurdjieff Sacred Dance – Workshop

Created by the mystic Gurdjieff – these posture and movements represents cosmic truth that the informed observer could read like a book. Within the precision and the beauty of the movements opens a world of clarity, love, inner strength, creativity and action… The mix of dances and movements coming from the Sufi, Tibetan Buddhist, Esoteric Christian and Pythagorean traditions, as well as those created by Gurdjieff himself. This is a journey that will take you deeper into the oneness and beauty of life.

About Magnus: From an early age Magnus came in contact with healers and teachers that showed him that it is possible to take a step into the unknown. These meetings should prove to shape the rest of his life, which until then had not been completely A4 (nor now). In the quest for ever-greater degree of freedom and insight he has got deeper into many traditions and spent longer time with Daime teachers and doing Yoga, Qi Gong and Vipassana meditation, but it was only when he came to Pune that he felt he got home. There he learned among other Gurdjieff Sacred dance and got his first Sufi Whirling skirts. Today he travels around the world to give workshops;  “When we dance together, there are no longer different nations or people just a universal consciousness that unites and shows us our highest potential.”


Åsmund Seip Mukti Gathering Dharma Mountain Meditaton and Freedom Resort

Åsmund Seip – Love Poetry Revolution
A Norwegian performance poet on the search for reLOVEution. Åsmund explores our relationship with our inner and outer nature, he looks at the universe in your eyes and the potential we have as natural, co-creative beings. On stage, Åsmund invites you to join him and his musicians on an intimate, raw and transparent journey – for us to come together around the fire and remember what it means to be human.


Unni Heim – Biodanza and Voice
Life is vibrant vibration. Vibration is sound, matter and a loving light. In this biodanza session we will use our voice and body to experience the natural fusion with the universal life force. Our voice vibration creates the union between matter and the loving light. And the human contact creates the grounding that we need to live this quality here  on earth. This union is bliss; timelessness – here and now.

Unni Heim, with over 10 years of experience in Biodanza, has been a pioneer in introducing this effective,yet playful technique  to Norway. Director of the Norwegian school of Biodanza, Unni gives weekly classes and offers workshops and advanced seminars, both in Norway and abroad.


Leena Nyborg  – Write Now
An intense two-hour writing workshop – where we will jump right out of the common ways to write – and dive into ourselves to create text that touches and which are alive, breathing and playful!

Leena is a author, copywriter, scriptwriter and meditation teacher. Her third novel comes at CappelenDamm right after Mukti Gathering. Meditation has been indispensable to her writing process. Her work is characterized by the presence, sensitivity and playfulness.


DJ Witch Princess  – Dancing Buddha Night
After 12 years of making dance floors around the world high and happy, DJ Witch Princess is known for her unique style of bringing world music and psychedelic trance together with a spiritual undertone. The rhythms and melodies are interwoven to create a journey into a magical space to free yourself into the beauty, joy and meditation that is dance.

Mukti Gathering 2015

Bhuvana Virginia Vasques – Samba Soul
A litlle taste of the Brazilian culture in a fun and easy workshop. You will learn how to dance samba in a short time and enjoy different styles of this fun and happy Brazilien dance. Enjoy the real Rio de Janeiro carnival samba, the smoth Samba de Roda and the sexy Bahia samba movement. You will learn how to dance samba in a deeper level, create a choreography and much more different styles of this fun and happy Brazilien dance. It is a fun opportunity to enjoy yourself!

Bhuvana is a meditator and lover of life – she loves to share her passion for dance from the country of love and rhythm, Brazil. 

Mukti gathering 2015 Azad

Calé Azad – Visual Narratives 
Pictures have become more and more a part of our lives in the last decade, but most of us only use them as single words, that can easily get lost in this immense sea of images that is in front of us today. In this workshop you will have a first insight on how to built sentences, phrases and perhaps a full book with your photos.

Calé Azad has been a professional photographer for 18 years and since 2010 have been dedicating most his time for his art projects and meditation. His images have been exhibited in festivals such as Fotofest Houston, Photovisa and ParatyemFoco among others.


Maria Rommel  – Rommel Yoga
Rommel Yoga is founded by Maria Rommel. She has studied many traditions of alignment based Hatha Yoga. Maria is certified Viryayoga teacher and registered  Yoga Teacher (RYT®) in Yoga Alliance, USA and Anusara Inspired Instructor®. She is also part of Nordic Yoga Institutes teacher training team. With passion and curiosity, Maria continues to study and draw inspiration from many styles of yoga and movement. Last her work with Zen Coaching, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga. She offers yoga and meditation with current base in Oslo and you can also immerse yourself in her yearly yogaretreats in Tuscany and Crete. See more:

Maria is devoted to move the practice from the mat into our daily lives. I want my students to make a deeper contact with life itself. As it is. Through yoga and meditation as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence. Yoga is an never ending exploration of the colorful palette in our so called Life. I also believe that we are yoga. That`s not just performing shapes on a mat, rather a lifestyle. “Yoga has taught me to love life, it reminds me of who I am and what truly matters.»


Food & Pleasure:

We love healthy food at Dharma Mountain – and all meals will be vegetarian, gluten and lactose free. Breakfast will have different options.We will also have a raw food café. This is an alcohol free event. 

Take extra care of yourself during the weekend with a variety of massage treatments, available for an additional fee.

Payment information:
After you have booked your place either through the form on this page – or by e-mail: you need to pay a non-refoundable deposit of 600 NOK as soon as possible to garantiee your place. There are limited places. When the deposit is paid before 6th July you will get Early Bird (EB) price, after 6th July you will pay the Late Bird (LB) price. 

Please transfer the remaining payment by 30 July.

The deposit is included in the prices.

King Traveller – EB 3300 NOK / LB 3900 NOK (cabin / meals / program)
Camp Lover – EB 2550 NOK / LB 3150 NOK (tent / meals / program)
The first meal will be dinner on Thursday and the last lunch on Sunday. 

Vagabond – EB 1350 NOK / LB 1950 NOK (tent/program)

Only concert with Prem Joshua & Band (6th August) / 350 NOK

For payments from abroad please note that additional bank transfer fees will be covered by you.

Payment is done to our account:  

0021 Oslo

Dharma Mountain AS
Account number 1594 44 22533
IBAN: NO 29 1594 44 22533
Swift/Bic-adress: DNBANOKK

How to get there?

By car it is two hours drive north of Oslo. Drive E16 to Nes i Ådal, then go 12 km along Fv223 to Hedalen.
Bus: to Nes i Ådal and then taxi to Hedalen (mobile 959 50 711)
Train: Bergensbanen to Hønefoss, bus to Nes i Ådal and taxi to Hedalen.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

The schedule will be posted here later. Be aware that the program might change. 

Welcome to the gathering!


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