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Pure spelt bread magic

6. August 2014

This summer retreat we were served this delcious bread every breakfast and sometime together with soup for dinner. It is healthy and very filling – and is perfect lunch on a mountain-trip….

The bread is made from spelt flour, compared to ordinary wheat, spelt has a higher fat content. It has a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as higher a vitamin and mineral content. According to studies, spelt is more easily digestible than wheat. Because of the excellent water solubility of spelt, the vital components are more easily and more quickly absorbed by the body. This means that the digestive system does not have to work as hard, so that spelt is more easily tolerated by many people.

Spelt bread recipe
(this recipe makes four breads)

1 kg white spelt flour
500 g wholemeal spelt flour
200 g barley flour
200 g wholemeal rye flour
200 g spelt flakes
250 g oat flakes
1,5 dl sesame seeds
2 tbsp sea salt
1,8 liter water
5 g yeast (the size of a pea)

Mix all dry ingredients together, use a sieve when adding the flour, to increase the volume of the breads. Dissolve yeast in a small amount of water. Mix yeast solution with lukewarm water (33°C). Mix the liquid with the flour to make an homogenous dough. The spelt dough has to be a bit soft or wet, so it can’t be kneaded. If you add too much flour, the breads will be too dry. There is also no need to stir a lot, because spelt is more delicate than wheat. Cover the dough with plastic and leave it to rise at room temperature for 8-10 hours. Before baking, mix in 200 g of white spelt flour. Then scoop out the dough into four greased bread forms. A tip is to have wet hands when working with the dough, so that it doesn’t stick so easily.

Put breads into preheated oven at 50°C, leave for 15-25 minutes to rise. Then increase temperature to 180-200°C for 60-70 minutes (time and temperature depend on your baking oven). When finished baking, the bread crust should be brown and crispy. Take breads out of the forms immediately, and leave to cool down without a cover, preferable on a wire rack. The breads can be frozen, but keep well in room temperature for 3–5 days.

Finally, you can enjoy your own home baked spelt breads! Yummy!

Organic spelt flour
You can get both conventional and organic spelt flour. However I highly recommend the organic spelt flour, even though it is more expensive, because the conventional spelt has been crossbred with wheat to increase yields and hence lost many of the beneficial qualities of pure spelt. The organic spelt grown in Norway is from the Swiss spelt variety called ´Oberkulmer Rotkorn´ which is considered among the purest of the spelt varieties.

More about spelt
Saint Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179) who was a mystic and abbess in medieval Germany, describes quite impressively the special health benefits of spelt as compared to other edible grains. In her book “Physika” she says: “Spelt is the best grain… It is rich and nourishing and more delicate than all other grains. It gives the one who eats it a strong body and healthy blood. It makes one happy and cheerful. Whenever people eat it, either as bread or in another form, it is delicious and easily digested.”

So now – are you ready to try it yourself?

With love from one of the bakers,



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