Our unique surroundings, with big gardens and a field, which on special occasions can be used for camping, makes it possible to arrange big events, festivals, camps and concerts. At maximum capasity, we have provided food and lodging for 350 guests over four days.

Common experiences of our surroundings are relaxing in a hammock in our flowering gardens or a stroll in our birch grove, listening to the sounds of nature, the winds in the trees, the birds singing, viewing the swallows´ swirling flights over the lake… An atmosphere that invites well being, slowing down and letting go of the business of everyday life.

Close by, the river with its wild waterfalls and quiet pools, invites you for an exhilarating experience or maybe for a refreshing bath…? If you choose another path, it will bring you up to a higher point with a magnificent view over the mountains and valleys, and you may also spot an eagle!

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