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In The Moment

Posted on: April 19th, 2019 by rachana

Meditation is at the heart of Dharma Mountain. Meditation is widely acknowledged as being a helpful tool for stress-relieving and body-mind balance in general. You can find different courses for all kinds of meditation techniques. Yet meditation is much more than just sitting with closed eyes in Lotus position and doing nothing.  So we have asked some of our friends at Dharma Mountain how they meditate and what their favourite technique is. Here we share a few answers to inspire and broaden your notion of meditation.



Dancing is my favourite meditation. Because it is for me all about just following myself, my own body, it is not about a technique or about ending up somewhere. It is just following what happens in that moment. It has no rules, and I love to do things that have no rules.

The effect of dancing is always different, sometimes it can calm my mind and my body, giving me peace and stillness. Or it is very playful and gives me energy.

It can make me feel full or empty. Sometimes it is everything in the same dance.

How I do it?

Just dance, move my body as it wants. With or without music, at home, in a group, outside, in the car, in the toilet on the plane or at the airport. It can be everywhere and it can last 1 minute or many hours. It has no rules.




I love breathing meditation. It is the most simple technique: increase the intensity of the breath, i.e. to take longer, deeper breaths – or just witness your breathing as it is.

To witness it, is not as easy as it sounds. The thoughts will try to distract you, so the practice is to  again and again come back to watching the breath. The breath is in the moment, the thoughts are past or future. Meditation is to be present in the moment and the breath is always happening only in the moment. So simple, so beautiful. You can do it everywhere.

Conscious breathing can open new doors inside you, or help deep relaxation to happen.

And as long as I have this body, the breath is with me. It is like a precious gift!



Crochet & Knitting

My favourite meditation technique is crochet and knitting, because it is like a sitting in meditation.

I just close my eyes and relax,

and then there is a crack:

Breathing is like a needle,

It connects and repairs

And suddenly, I am just here.



No technique

I stopped with doing any method or technique for meditation. And then I was totally amazed that it happened so often: every action that is carried out by awareness  I experience as meditation.

I didn’t do anything about it, and still it happens to me. Often I cry or laugh as a result of it. It is such a gift.

The only “technique” that may help prepare me, is setting an intention and focusing on the breath as it goes in and out.

-Prem Madhu



Meditation for me is in everything: Laughing, working, being physical, dancing, of course, relaxing in bed. Stopping the time. Digesting the silence all around, cooking some food.

Eating alone or together. Sitting still at a cafe.

Citylife passing by on the surface.

When all this flows naturally, life itself is bliss. Or better said: Bliss is, and life itself is the best meditation.




If you would like to get started with meditation or deepen your meditation practice, check out the groups happening at Dharma Mountain.  We also share once in a while a Live Vipassana Meditation on facebook with you. Welcome!


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Photos from Unsplash: dancing girl by Laura Fuhrman; knitting woman by fancycrave; man in cafe by Simon Sun





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