Group Rental Policies and Responsibility

Group Rental Policies
All renters must pay a deposit of 20% of the estimated rental amount at the time of signing the contract.
Once we receive your signed contract and your deposit, your booking is confirmed.
The final payment will include any adjustments to numbers and/or extra fees.
This payment is due 14 days after the end of your stay.

The minimum number of participants for any retreat is fifteen.
In the case that you do not have fifteen, you can still hold your retreat,
but you will be responsible to pay for fifteen people.
Dharma Mountain covers accommodation and lodging for one course leader.

Any damages or losses to the facility, its furniture or equipment, or surrounding property, beyond normal wear and tear, will be the responsibility of the renter and shall be compensated for by the end of the rental period.

Dharma Mountain does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen property.

Dharma Mountain does not take responsibility for any injuries, or medical emergencies that happen in or around our center.

The kitchen is for the use of kitchen staff only. A refrigerator, stove, and electric kettle is available in all cabins for the use of the guests.

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation deadlines     >     Cancellation fees
90 days or more prior to arrival date     >     100% of the deposit is refunded, minus a administration fee of 2.000 NOK.
Between 90 and 60 days prior to arrival date    >     50% of the deposit is refunded
Later than 60 days prior to arrival date     >      0% of the deposit is refunded.

All cancellations or changes must be made in writing in order to be valid.

Group Responsibility
• Renter can adjust the number of participants up until 7 days prior to the group is happening, however not lower than the minimum of 15 participants. After this date the renter will be charged for late cancellations.

• To manage registration of participants and take payments. Renter can adjust the participant number until 7 days prior to the event starts.

• To provide your participants and instructors with all the information they may need such as directions, transportation, what to bring, etc.
• To help facilitate arrival, check-in, orientation, and room assignments for all participants. Organizers are responsible for greeting their guests and informing them of their rooms. Please arrive earlier than your guests and have a person assigned to this duty.


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