Into the New – Unni Heim

29 December 2021 - 1st January 2022

Biodanza, meditations, cacao ceremony, shamanic rituals and flow dancing

Wednesday 29th December 18.00 – Saturday January 1st 14.00

Since we last came together for a New Year retreat the world has been changing. Many of us are waking up, and there is a deep calling to live even more true; true to our deepest soul call. The end of the year invites to release and integrate the past, and to welcome and prepare for the future. In the here and now, we awaken qualities rooted deep inside of us, both on a personal, collective and spiritual level.

Through dance, human connection, meditation, ceremonies and rituals we will give time and space to welcome the new, to allow transformation, to birth the gifts that wants to be shared with the world.

Since 2010 we have had a fantastic time at the Biodanza New Year retreat.

I am once again happy to invite new and old participants to this deep, healing and joyful journey, this time also inviting in the new through other modalities then Biodanza on our journey. Modalities that I love and that has an intimate place in my own life.

About Biodanza: Biodanza is a radical system of healing, integration and change. It invites us to open up to life fully on all levels and to awaken dormant life potential. Dance, movements, connection on all levels (connection with yourself, with others and with life in its totality) are essential as powers of change in Biodanza.

About Shamanic Flowdancing: In 2006 I created a dance meditation method that I called Flowdancing. It builds on energy and movement, and it is an inner journey. The shamanistic Flowdancing is a ritual to enter our inner guidance and to be in ceremony with life. It is deeply embodying as well as a journey in energy, shape-shifting and our imaginary world.

About Shamanic Ceremonies and Rituals: To enter the moment in a ceremonial way opens new doors of perception. In many ancient traditions the ceremonial space is in fact an ever-present state. It is a way of showing our gratitude of life. During our retreat we will invite you into some heartful and loving rituals for healing and reconnection. On one of these ceremonies, we use ceremonial Cacao.

Come and celebrate life with us!


Dharma Mountain has been in close contact with the municipal through the whole pandemic of how to run groups in this time and there might be some rules we need to follow in December. Because of that we have a lower number of spaces available, so we can all feel safe and have space to dance. So please book early if you want to join!

Who can join?

The retreat is open to anyone feeling a resonance with this invitation. You need to be in psychological stable health, and able to contain yourself and your process. You also need to be drug free.

Number of participants: We do not know what kind of restrictions will be valid at that moment (if any). We invite a minimum of 15 participants. The valid government restrictions will set the maximum number of participants. The workshop has been fully booked several years.

PS: It is very important that you sign up before November 29, 2021. We will make up status on this date to evaluate if we can go forward with the event.

Sign up and Payments:

Early Bird price until November 29th*
5.330 NOK pr person with double room accommodation.
6.050 NOK pr person with single room accommodation.
4.355 NOK pr person when sleeping at home

* NB! After November 29th the price goes up 600,-.
You need to have paid the deposit by November 29th to get Early Bird price.

To reserve your place, you need to pay at least a deposit of 600 NOK.

All deposits are non-refundable*
* Unless if we need to cancel because of national restrictions and rules, everything will be paid back.

The rest of the payment must be paid by 22nd December.

You can also pay everything now.



What is included in the fee?
– All workshops (Biodanza, shamanic rituals, Flowdancing and meditation)

Accommodation for 3 nights (except for sleeping at home option)
– Cleaning of the cottage on departure
– Hot evening meal on the arrival day
– Breakfast, hot lunch and evening soup on Thursday and Friday (New Year dinner on Friday)
– Breakfast and hot lunch on Saturday
– Coffee and tea during the breaks

To sign up, fill in a form here!

How to get here: 

The venue (Dharma Mountain) is located about 2 hour’s drive south-west of Oslo.

You can go by car or by bus.
Click here to see road descriptions and information about bus transportation. There might be few buses these days, so we recommend you to share rides. You can connect with other participants in the Facebook event.

About the accommodation:
You will sleep in holiday cottage. Each cottage has two bedrooms, with two beds in each room. One cottage have 3 bedrooms.

There will be two persons in each room unless you book for single room. If you pay for shared room, you can also choose to sleep on the loft in the cabin (mattress on the floor) One pr loft, in each cabin. Let us know if you are interested in this option.

 Every cottage has its own bathroom!

 Here you can see some pictures.

Teaching language:
The classes are given in English only. In case we will only be Norwegian speaking participants, we will use Norwegian.

About the teacher:

All sessions will be given by Unni Heim.

Unni is the director of The Rolando Toro School for Biodanza – Norway, and the founder of Biodanza in Norway. She is also the creator of Flowdancing.

Read more about Unni on

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