Welcome to your true nature

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Welcome to your true nature

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Dharma Mountain is a meditation center surrounded by beautiful nature, located only two hours from Oslo. It is an oasis for those who want to know themselves deeper, find silence and inner joy.

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Dharma Mountain is a place where you can be yourself. Where you don’t need to pretend or prove anything. Where you can relax and just become friends with yourself.


Are you longing for silence and inner peace?

A retreat in Dharma Mountain can help you on the way...

Winter Bliss Silent Retreat

9. February - 12. February, 2023
Unni Heim

Essential remembrance and connection through silence, biodanza, meditation, flowdancing, cacao ceremony, fire ceremony, sharing circles and free time.

Buddha Bootcamp

15. February - 19. February, 2023
Eirik Balavoine and Christian Scheel 

(this retreat will happen in Norwegian)

Dharma Mountain Groups

Our own groups and retreats are made for those who want an introduction to meditation, and also for those who would like to deepen their practice.

Find a group that suits you

Come, taste and enjoy

– flavorsome and colorful vegetarian food

Satori Kitchen

We make our food on the premises, from scratch and using fresh ingredients.

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We offer different types of sessions, such as massage, flower medicine and reiki.

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Go offline

At Dharma Mountain we offer you a break from your mobile phone, so you can be free from distractions and have all the time for yourself.

Voluntary offer

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Silent atmosphere, wild nature

Silent atmosphere, wild nature

The nature around Dharma Mountain invites us to go in and be natural, giving support to all our activities.

Presence in every room

Dharma Mountain has a beautiful main house with an eating area and a meditation hall with a view of the mountains and the nature around. We have ten cozy and spacious cabins and can host groups and retreats from 15 to 100 participants.

Would you like to rent Dharma Mountain?

Dharma Mountain is the ideal place for your workshop or retreat.


Dharma Mountain is a place to come back to your true nature. But it can't be described in words. You have to come and see for yourself! Participant

In gratitude to
Vasant Swaha

Dharma Mountain is built around the modern mystic Vasant Swaha. He teaches us about the joy of living, meditation, and love for ourselves, each other and nature.
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