Permaculture is a set of design tools based on observations in nature. The principles can be used for all purposes and help us to plan more consciously and in harmony with nature. At Dharma Mountain, we have adopted the principles in our edible flower bed, in the vegetable garden, waste sorting and composting - and more projects are being planned


In 2021, one of our employees, Nandana, took the Permaculture Design Course (PDC). In the long term, we want to become a LAND centre. LAND stands for Learning, Activity, Network and Demonstration - a place where you can come and see permaculture in practice. Although we do not have status as a LAND centre, there is already a lot you can see (in the summer) with us. Feel free to ask for a tour the next time you come!

Two of Norway's foremost permaculturists, Jan Bang and Jennifer McConachie, are holding a new PDC course with us in May 2023. Read more!