Surroundings and nature

Through more than 21 years of meditation, Dharma Mountain has developed a special atmosphere of silence and presence, supported by the beautiful nature around us. This creates a unique environment that supports us to experience silence and to just be.

Dharma Mountain is surrounded by a beautiful garden with flowerbeds, a lake with a path around it and a birch tree forest with many nice places to sit on. There is also a big field where you can watch the sunrise or sunset, ideal for morning t’ai chi or vipassana. If you follow one of the many trails through the forest for 5 to 10 minutes, you come to the wild and beautiful river Urula, where you can find waterfalls as well as still and deep places to swim in.


For those who have some more time, the area around Dharma Mountain offers many beautiful options to enjoy nature. We are located just beside one of Norway’s wild natural parks, Vassfaret, known for its wild and mystic nature. It takes 30 minutes to get there by car. Then you can walk to “Ørneflag” – a high peak which is 1243 MASL – or enjoy a hot day on the beautiful mountain beach of Mælodden. Other nice trips include Seterknatten – a mountain peak with a stunning view of Vassfaret – or Høgdefjell. If you don’t have a car, we can help you to order a taxi or maxi taxi (16 seats).

I sank into calmness the moment I arrived. Participant, Inner Peace 2020