Dharma Wellbeing

In the forest, among birch trees and the sound of singing birds, we have three small wooden cabins where we offer sessions. A session can be of great support during a group, helping you to relax and allowing you to receive more. We offer massage and other types of sessions (subject to availability). To book a session, send us an e-mail in advance or let us know when you arrive for your group or retreat.

Holistic Massage

A relaxing, energizing and rejuvenating massage for the whole body. Different techniques are used to suit your individual needs.

950,- (60 min) / 1350,- (90 min)

Bach Flower Medicine

Bach Flower Medicine was created by the English doctor Edward Bach in the 1930s. The method is used to balance our feelings and it helps to experience inner harmony. The system consists of 38 essences for different feelings such as fear, shock, loneliness, stress and anxiety. Flower essences lift consciousness, so we can come more in touch with our own inner strength. Through dialogue we arrive at which essences to use; then a mixture is made in a bottle which lasts for 3 weeks.
950 NOK (ca 60 min, inc. your unique mix of flower essence.)

Neuro Integrative Embodiment

This is a session where, through conversation/guiding, we make contact with your own body's intelligence, in order to achieve more well-being, balance and harmony. Acknowledging and paying attention to our inner and outer resources helps the nervous system and brain to calm down and find balance. In this way, new neural pathways can be built that give the opportunity for stronger contact with the here and now. The method is based on recent research into the ability of the brain and nervous system to heal itself so that you can come out of stress and trauma in a friendly and sensitive way.
950 NOK (60 min)


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes natural healing. It is practiced by placing the hands on selected areas of the body. Reiki is based on the teaching that a life force energy is running through us and keeping us alive. When your life force is low, it is more likely that you will be sick or feel stressed. When high, we have a better foundation to be happy and healthy.
950 NOK (60 min)

Star Sapphire session - inner male/female energy

Discovering the inner male and female energies inside you can help you understand and discover yourself in new ways, becoming aware of how your outer world reflects your inner. You can bring any issue that is up for you right now, whether it concerns work, relationship or other aspects of your life. A session includes energy reading and different therapeutic techniques adapted to the session, for example gestalt.
1350 NOK (90 min)

Joel Aleixo Flower Medicine

The Joel Aleixo System is a natural treatment method that aims the health of the body, mind and spirit. Each plant has a different energetic vibration and the Floral System created by Joel Aleixo has various flowers and plants. We use one of his systems that contains 99 different species of flowers and plants from all over the world that grow in harmony in Brazilian soil. The essences works on the depths of the human soul, and it can help to bring light into unconscious fields and to raise awareness about the physical, emotional and mental imbalances. They can assist in the release of traumas, inner conflicts, behavioral patterns, and limiting beliefs.
950 NOK (ca 60 min, inc. your unique mix of flower essence.)

Transmutation Therapy

Transmutation Therapy is a treatment technique which uses sensitive touch to activate the natural healing force in ourselves. Through a soft and precise touch of the connective tissue and bone structure, tensions and blockages can be revealed and released. This form of therapy can dissolve physical and/or mental tensions, relieve pain, strengthen the immune system and provide deep relaxation.
950 NOK (ca 60 min)

Book your session by telephone 94 89 10 10 or by e-mail: wellbeing@dharmamountain.com

Enjoy nature

There are many places in the garden and in nature around Dharma Mountain where you can sit and relax. What about a refreshing dip in the river?