Dharma Mountain Groups

Do you want to know more about meditation? Do you wish to be more in touch with your feelings? Are you longing to be in silence and deepen your practice? Whatever background or starting point you may have, we have a group for you. Read more here about what kind of groups and retreats we offer, and the kind of techniques we use. If you are in doubt about where to start, you are welcome to connect with us and we will help you!

Tilstede – "Present"

A weekend with forest bathing and introduction to meditation

In everyday life, it easily becomes a habit to have our attention on the outside and to constantly be distracted. We need some help to slow down, to get back to ourselves and find the peace and joy of just being!

During this weekend you will experience forest baths, learn simple meditation techniques and exercises to become more present, and receive guidance and support to open up to natural silence.

I came back to myself, and I feel free, light, courageous and curious again. Participant

Next Tilstede: 17. June - 19. June, 2022

Gave – “A Gift”

Women’s weekend to find peace, inner power and inspiration

This weekend is for those of you who are used to giving more to others than to yourselves. Many women experience weariness and exhaustion as a result of being there for others, either at work or in the family. At Dharma Mountain Meditation Resort, we help you stop, find peace, inner power and fulfillment.

The weekend has been fantastic! A great program with a useful content. Specially the combination of yoga and sharing. A lot has happened on the inside that has been releaving. And it has been comfortable and safe to share thoughts and feelings with the group. Participant

Next Gave: 23. September – 25 September, 2022

Inner Joy

– Ten-day silent retreat with Vipassana meditation

Dharma Mountain in wintertime offers a unique environment for a silent retreat. The snow, the stillness and the night sky embrace us. They invite us to dive into ourselves, where we can find rest and nourishment.

I knew I needed this retreat but I never dreamed of the amazing effects I have already experienced. I am more than one step closer to finding my inner joy. Participant

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Inner Peace

7 days or a long weekend, silent retreat with Vipassana meditation and Self Inquiry

In this retreat we will also use techniques with breath, to support us in going into silence.

It has been a fantastic, magical, warm, supportive, beautiful and raw experience. The silence offers so many gifts when it is shared with others. If every human being got to experience this, mother earth would be a lighter place to live.

Next Inner Peace: 3. October - 9. October, 2022

Levende – “Alive”

– the courage to be vulnerable

Do you want to be more in touch with your feelings? We will use active meditations, breathing exercises and other tools as a support to connect with our feelings, meet our vulnerability and welcome it. We will explore how it is to meet ourselves with more acceptance and honesty.

Next Levende: 14. October – 16. October 2022

Innsikt - "Insight"

– Know yourself

INNSIKT: Are you longing to know yourself more on the inside? This is a four-day retreat with Self-Inquiry, active meditations and exercises for deeper self-insight. We will explore and come closer to ourselves, to feel what is true and important for us, and to find out who we are on a deeper level – deeper than the way we are used to think about ourselves.

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Summer holidays! 20. - 23. June

Get a taste of Dharma Mountain this summer!
You can rent a cabin, join meditations for free, enjoy a massage, writing course and much more. Read more here.

Summer holiday! 27. June - 1. July

Get a taste of Dharma Mountain this summer!
You can rent a cabin, join meditations for free, enjoy a massage, writing course, dance workshop and much more. Read more here.

Our approach to meditation

For us at Dharma Mountain, meditation is not only a technique - it is the very presence and connection with the deep peace we all naturally have in ourselves. In a society where our attention is being pulled outwards all the time and where the focus is on achieving and performing, many of us have lost the connection with this natural and peaceful place inside. Techniques are there to help us and allow us to practice coming back to the peace which is always there.

So that we have the possibility to bring meditation into everything we do – our work and meetings we have with other people. It is a resting place inside ourselves, where we can always find nourishment no matter what is happening on the outside.

These are some of the techniques we use:

Vipassana meditation:
Silent meditation technique

Vipassana meditation is a traditional meditation technique that came from Gautama Buddha more than 2500 years ago. We simply sit in silence, relaxing the body, and just watch the breath coming and going. At the same time, we observe and become aware of thoughts, emotions and sensations happening in the moment. Our thoughts can be compared to sand in water - when we sit in silence for some time, they slowly sink to the bottom and the water becomes clear.

Breathing techniques

Thoughts can only be in the past or the future. The breath is always here and now – it can be a bridge to the moment, helping us to become present. That is why the breath is the focus of many of the techniques we use.

In some of them we give extra energy to it, doing exercises that release tensions and open the breath, allowing it to move freely. 

Active meditation

Active meditations are a modern form of meditation, developed by the Indian mystic Osho in the 1970s. Osho saw that it was not easy for the modern man to just sit in silent meditation. Too much restlessness, thought activity and tensions in the body can make it difficult to find silence through just sitting. He created meditations with several stages. The first stages are active and made to help us get in touch with the body, release tensions and «let off some steam». This is a preparation for the last stages, in which we enter into a more silent space.

We do the meditations individually, without interaction. The meditations can be done alone, but in the beginning it can be helpful to do them with the support of a group.

The most known active meditations are Dynamic meditation, often done in the morning, and Kundalini meditation, often done in the afternoon. 

Self Inquiry - a method to know yourself

Self-Inquiry is a technique to know yourself deeper. In these sessions we sit in pairs answering simple questions that are repeated. We use this technique to become more aware of what is happening inside of us, in deeper and deeper layers, with the intention of meeting ourselves with friendliness and acceptance.

In addition to these main techniques, we also use other methods which help us to be more connected with the body and the breath, such as yoga, t’ai chi and dance/free movement.

Tilstede – "Present", a weekend of forest bathing and meditation