Author: Leena

Holy Madness – Diving deeper into the mystery 

11. June - 17. June, 2022

Eirik Balavoine and Christian V. Scheel

En Non-dual Vision Quest

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Taiji & Qigong Summer retreat 2022

8. August - 14. August, 2022

Norsk Taiji Senter v/Pamela Hiley

Pamela Hiley and Norsk Taiji Senter is having their fourth summer retreat at Dharma Mountain. Learn Taijiquan practice, pushing hands and qigong with Norways most experienced Taiji teacher.

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Inner Peace

3. October - 9. October, 2022

Dharma Mountain Group

Silent retreat with Vipassana and self-inquiry

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Levende – the courage to be vulnerable

14. October - 16. October, 2022

Dharma Mountain Group

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