Writing as Meditation

Writing is a simple tool for quieting the mind and becoming more present. It is something you can do anywhere. It fits well as a morning practice – to connect with yourself before starting the day's tasks.
Set aside some time each morning for our writing exercise and see what happens to you! 


• Finn et sted der du kan sitte komfortabelt og være uforstyrret for en stund

• Sett mobilen på lydløs eller slå den helt av

• Use pen and paper, not a computer

• When you write, it can be keywords or fragments of sentences – they don't need to be connected. It can be short or long.

• If something else or different comes up while you're writing, let it happen.

• Do not censor yourself - write down the first thing that comes up. Allow yourself to be surprised. 

30-minute writing exercise:

1. Look around the room. Describe three concrete things around you. It can be anything - the curtains, a plant, a cup, or the wall. Notice the details. (Approximately five minutes)

2. Bring attention to the body. Write something about a) the hands b) the back c) the face. It can be sensations or observations. (Approximately five minutes)

2. Take some deep breaths.Now describe the breath, how it feels, and where in the body you feel it. Notice the details. (Approximately five minutes)

4. Feel into what kind of state you're in today, or a feeling you're experiencing. Describe it with a few words. Where do you feel it the most in your body? (Approximately five minutes)

5. Put away the pen and paper, let your hands rest in your lap, and close your eyes. Open yourself to everything that is here and now – rommet, kroppen, pusten, tilstander og fornemmelser, uten å forandre noe eller velge noe. Ta imot det.

«God is in the details.»

Nabokov, Russian author

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