Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga where the focus is on stretching deeper tissues (connective tissue), deep muscles, and joints. We use passive yoga poses for an extended period (3-5 minutes), mostly in lying and sitting positions. We use props (cushions, bolsters) to support the body, allowing it to relax into the poses.

In yin yoga, we learn to listen to ourselves, moving away from doing and inviting presence to what's happening in the body, mind, and breath.  

"Yin yoga has been very healing and nourishing for me. It has been a great help in calming down during a busy life, and it has had a significant impact on my nervous system. Often, in a busy life, the sympathetic part of the nervous system is active all the time. Yin yoga helps the body and nervous system return to a state of rest."

Kumud Henriksen, yin yoga teacher and one of the facilitators at some of the Dharma Mountain Groups.

Half Butterfly
Start sitting (you can have a folded blanket under your bum to bring your weight forward onto your glutes.) Place the sole of your left foot in towards your right thigh. Let the upper body come forward as far as feels comfortable. Relax your upper body, arms and shoulders, and rest in the position. Let the breath come. You can have a pillow for your head to rest on and use support under the bent knee and under the knee of the extended leg if the back of the thigh feels tight.

Half Butterfly stretches the back of the straight leg and the lower back, psoas, quadriceps and connective tissue over the sacrum on the other side. The position helps to open the spine, stimulates the kidney and liver and aids digestion.