Spiritual Activism

3. oktober - 6. oktober, 2024

Jonathan Weber & Jen McConachie

Engaging in the world with inner balance

In this transformative retreat, we invite you to explore spiritual activism – a holistic path that merges spiritual practice with the urgent call to create positive change in our world. 

We will explore “engaged spirituality” which revolves around the central vision that our own path of personal development and well-being must also include the betterment of humanity and nature, with which we are deeply interconnected. Real positive change in the world comes through inner transformation. In working towards a world that is more peaceful and balanced, we need to also learn how to be more grounded, resilient and peaceful in ourselves. Our spiritual awakening naturally compels us to engage with the injustices present in our world. 

Also central to our retreat experience is the groundbreaking framework of the Work That Reconnects, developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy. This helps us transform our pain for the world into meaningful purpose, resilience and interconnectedness. When faced with the crises and conflicts in the world, we can feel powerless, exhausted, angry, or unsafe. The exploration of this retreat is how to stay awake and open-hearted to the world, without turning away, getting overwhelmed, or burning out. To nurture a more balanced way of being WHILST playing our unique part in the world.

We will explore new ways of seeing and being in the world, shifting our perspective towards a deeper connection to our interdependence with all of life. Being able to make change whilst following a nourishing path of purpose.

This retreat is for you if you: 

  • Are feeling a calling to be of service and make a positive impact in the world 
  • Want to live and work in a regenerative way that avoids burnout 
  • Want to make positive change in the world but feel overwhelmed 
  • Experience grief about what is happening in the world 
  • Want to feel hope for the future, or more joy in your life 
  • Desire more clarity and sense of purpose or meaning in life 
  • Would like to contribute towards a more socially just and sustainable future  
  • Wish to live with greater well-being or inner peace

What to expect: 

In this long weekend retreat we will explore the practice of spiritual activism through a variety of participatory methods including movement, meditation, practices from The Work That Reconnects, compassion, creativity, inquiry, storytelling, journaling and sharing. We will spend time outside connecting with nature and learn tools for personal and collective transformation. We will learn how to tap into our inner resources of resilience, peacefulness, and non-reactivity; discover how to keep our hearts open and manage strong emotions in the face of challenging times. How we can play our part in the world in a practical way and meet challenges with “response-ability,” resilience, and positivity.
You can expect to have a nourishing experience in beautiful surroundings with a community of like-minded people and leave with practical tools and a renewed spark to support your way forward.

What you will get out of this retreat: 

  • Deeper connection to yourself and the Earth 
  • A renewed sense of hope for the world 
  • Tools to support a path of personal practice  
  • Empowerment to make a difference & be part of the change 
  • How meet with difficulty and challenges in life 
  • Making conscious choices towards a more balanced life 
  • More clarity and sense of purpose 
  • Tools for transformative change in yourself and the world around you
  • Finding sources of energy, courage, and joy. 
  • A deepened capacity to engage in the world with compassion, resilience and purpose.

Course leaders

Jonathan and Jen are both experienced facilitators, who bring an element of warmth, authenticity, and lightness into their sharing.  

Whether you’re seasoned in your activism and spiritual practice or new to the path, this retreat offers a sanctuary for renewal, inspiration, and collective empowerment. Join us in co-creating a world where spiritual awakening and social transformation intertwine and create a ripple effect of healing and justice for all beings.

“Grace happens when we act with others on behalf of our world.”―

Joanna Macy

Jonathan is a senior teacher of mindfulness, compassion, and yoga, with a background in environmental activism. While in high school, he was awarded an “Earth flag” by the mayor for his work in uniting the environmental youth groups of the capitol towards saving a large pristine area of forest land in Oregon. He studied with his spiritual teacher Ram Dass in the “Creating Our Future » spiritual/environmental youth leadership program, and further “Compassion in Action” program for learning how to be of service in the world. Since then, his passion for inner peace as an instrument of change has led him to become a certified teacher of Mindful Therapeutic yoga (E-RYT500, MBSR/MBCT), providing practical tools for transformation and well-being. He has been teaching in Norway since 2006, and has been leading retreats for over a decade.
Read more: jonathanweber.org

Jen is an enthusiastic permaculture teacher, mentor and facilitator of The Work That Reconnects. She is a permaculture diploma holder who teaches the foundation course and forest garden design in Norway.
She has been involved in liberation and activist work since her teenage years through for example re-evalution co-counselling, performance art, green politics, Transition Towns and the permaculture movement.
She worked as a DJ/composer before she discovered permaculture and has been facilitating courses, events and groups for decades. Permaculture is about thinking like nature to design regenerative lifestyles, following the ethics of Earth care, People care and Future care. Applying earth wisdom has changed her own activism from burnout to a regenerative lifestyle, from wanting to «save the Earth» to being a “voice for the Earth”. Sharing permaculture and Work That Reconnects through her platform “Earth Mentor Me” is her spiritual activism. Read more: earthmentorme.com

The retreat starts with dinner on Thursday at 18.30 and ends with lunch on Sunday at 13.00.
A detailed schedule will come later.

Program, meals, single room in shared cabin NOK 7.760,-
Program, meals, shared room or loft space NOK 6.824,-

All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be vegetarian, with alternative option of vegan, gluten and lactose free if book in advance.

When you book you will receive an invoice of 1.000,- which is a non-refundable deposit. The full amount must be paid by September 3rd .

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