Gave ("Gift") – Time for yourself

20. September - 22. September, 2024

Dharma Mountain Group

– Women's weekend for peace, inner power and inspiration

This weekend is for those of you who are used to giving more to others than yourself. Many women experience weariness and exhaustion as a result of being there for others, either through the job or in the family.

At Dharma Mountain Meditation Resort, we help you stop, find peace, inner power and refinement.

Our experienced and qualified instructors provide a framework where you can forget about the time and everything to do, and be confident to receive and enjoy.

What will you get?

Experiencing exhaustion and fatigue quickly becomes a habit that we do not get out of in our everyday life, where the expectations we have for ourselves and that others have for us are the same. We need some help and distance to stop and see how we really are doing. This weekend you will learn how to receive and give yourself what you need and to see yourself in new ways. We will do exercises both individually and together, and get guidance and support along the way to get back to yourself.

We also offer:

Mobile Phone Hotel
• Vegetarian food
• Possibility of massage and other sessions
• Cozy cabins with single or shared rooms
• Individual sessions if desired

Helgen starter på fredag med middag kl. 19:00 og avsluttes søndag med lunsj kl. 13:00.

Prices / Booking

Early Bird pris gjelder frem til 15. august
Prisene inkluderer program, overnatting og seks vegetarmåltider, en badstu. Du kan be om gluten- og laktose fritt og vegansk ved påmelding. 

• Single room, in shared cabin (NOK 6.055)  Early bird: 5.355,- 
• Shared room (NOK 5.431)  Early bird: 4.731,-
• Loft/attic (NOK 5.431)  Early bird: 4.731,-
• Tent space (NOK 4.879)  Early bird: 4.179,-

When you book you place, you pay a deposit of NOK 1000 NOK, the rest by August 15th. 

Dharma Mountain has hosted countless meditation retreats and groups for 23 years. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature and has a unique quiet atmosphere. Everyone who works at Dharma Mountain incorporates meditation into their lives, making it a holistic experience to join a group with us. We are known for our delicious homemade vegetarian food. Get excited! 

Course leaders

Prem Lee is a trained medical doctor and has studied traditional acupuncture. She has been leading groups in self-discovery and meditation in Norway and Brazil for over 15 years. She also has a background from Osho Risk Therapist Training. Prem Lee has a caring and loving presence.

Kumud teaches yin and restorative yoga. As a yoga teacher, she is passionate about listening to the body and finding softness and love to oneself. She also works as a nurse.

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