Power Awakening Retreat

13. September - 15. September, 2024

Péter Csörget & Márton Felszeghy

If you are seeking a happier life, one in which you can protect your boundaries, find the right partners and friends in order to move towards a happier and more fulfilling life, then this retreat is certainly for you. The retreat combines InvesTid’s 3 workshops, Power Awakening, EREDETI (Being Genuine), and Power Circling (A KÖR).

Márton Felszeghy will enrich the weekend with his «5 methods» which combine Pilates, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Meditation. His method was created after years of practice and studies, and it’s so nice to experience with his positive energy and calm presence.

Our goal is to assist you in finding balance in your life and strength for your personal development journey through the weekend.
DJs will play music on Saturday night to help participants relax after their hard work.

Dharma Mountain’s staff will provide healthy food and saunas will be available to assist in self-cleansing. The atmosphere in this place will be ideal for a life-changing experience.

Course leaders

Péter Csörget
My intention is to bring to the retreat InvesTid’s entire mindfulness package that people can normally try on separate days in some of Norway’s largest cities.

​The changes my clients wish to see require a certain amount of time, so I often say, «come together to grow together» as without it, the necessary changes will not be achieved.

Using the inner work period of the year as a means to assist individuals to grow, blossom and develop into their best versions is my goal, and starting the Fall season with a self-development retreat will increase the chances of achieving this goal more quickly.

As part of the retreat, I will include both 1:1 and group sessions.

​As a mental trainer my style is down-to-earth and empathic and I use my past experiences to assist my clients to achieve their goals and create a brighter future for themselves.

Márton Felszeghy
Márton is a Tui Na Chinese massage therapist, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Pilates teacher, certified naturopath in Hungary. As part of the retreat, he will include both 1:1 and group sessions.

«My passion is to investigate how we can stay healthy physically, emotionally and mentally, how these 3 levels of our being are connected to each other, and how we can correct imbalances to bring harmony and pure energy into our lives.

The majority of my studies are based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, I consider Western medicine and psychological therapy equally effective for a holistic approach to human health.

I have been teaching Tai Chi since 2005 and have led retreats and workshops in Hungary, Malta, Germany, and England.  

I give one-to-one sessions with a comprehensive status survey and lifestyle advice based on Chinese Medicine, and give Tui Na massage treatments.

It is important for me to educate people about the holistic view of physical and mental health maintenance based on TCM and Western medical teachings.

It is time to take more responsibility to our physical and mental health, and for this, I’d like to give comprehensive information and methods in your hands.»


The price includes accommodation, six vegetarian meals, and the retreat program including 1:1 session with Péter and 1:1 session with Márton. Early bird tickets offer the best price, so don’t hesitate too much, just decide and get in before June 30th!

Early bird tickets before June 30th!
Option 1:

Single room in shared cabin.
The price for the weekend is 3900 NOK

Option 2:
Shared room (bunk beds) or loft space 3.500 NOK.

Phase II. – until 30.07.2024 • After June 30th the price goes up to 4200 NOK for single room and 3800 NOK for shared room/loft space.

Phase III. – After July 30th the price goes up to 5000 NOK for single room and 4500 NOK for shared room/loft.


Contact  info@investidnorway.com if you would like to reserve your spot or if you have any questions. Read more on the website

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