18. July - 21. July, 2024

Unni Heim

I am happy to be able to invite you to the biodanza summer retreat after several years of taking a break from this. The theme this time is reSource. The meaning of this word is very interesting: re (again) source (source). In other words, "reconnecting to the source". For me, this is a state, or feeling, where I rest with deep roots in myself, and at the same time have direct access to creativity, vitality, sensuality, emotional life (for better or worse) and the experience of being part of something bigger. A feeling of bliss, gratitude, acceptance, meaning and fundamental joy of life. Do you want to explore this within you?

Welcome to this 4-day retreat!

With biodanza as a method, we dance our way closer to the source that is inside us, between us, around us and in everything.

- Come home to the natural vitality, spontaneity, power, energy, freedom, joy, rest and sleep. The most basic, which at the same time affects so much else in our lives.

Be inspired by the generating- and creative strings in us which is the source of an infinity of possibilities, and also the capacity to choose a direction and express certain sides in us. Discover that you are a co-creator of your life (the creator, the creation and the created).

- Take up residence in the body as a nourishing, sentient organism, with the magnetic forces that live in the encounter with others. 

– Embrace the inner world of feelings and emotions and discover the invitation to live from love.

– Become one with the life, nature, the elements, the mysterious and the archetypes... yes, the universe itself.

I have conducted more than 30 workshops, courses, retreats and groups at Dharma Mountain over the past 14 years. And it is a pleasure to invite you to 4 magical days in this beautiful place. In addition to the location close to a small lake, grassland, forest, river and surrounded by high, solid mountains, the place is very well looked after aesthetically with beauty, flowers, art etc. wherever the eye can see. The food is also absolutely delicious.

How will the retreat unfold?

At Dharma Mountain we have several places where we can have our sessions;

1. Inside in the Satsang room, a fantastically beautiful hall with a view of the mountains and nature and with great sound system.
2. Outside in The Forest Temple which is a wooden platform in the middle of the forest, also this one with a fantastic sound system.
3. Out on the grass or in a nearby forest without music

We will use all three of these places, depending on the weather and the process we are in. Most of the sessions will be with music, but you will also experience one or two sessions without music outside. We start on Thursday evening with a joint evening meal followed by our opening session. The next two days we have a session before lunch and one after lunch. 

In addition, we will have an activity one of the evenings. 
On Sunday we have a closing session in the morning, and we have lunch together before departure.

The biodanza sessions will build on each other to facilitate the next step, and to support us on the way. The weather will also determine when we have sessions outside and when we are inside. Even if the weather is nice, some sessions will be inside.   

Between sessions you will have time to enjoy your surroundings, take a bath in the fresh river, sleep, walk, share deep conversations or play and laugh with others, or sit in contemplative silence... you choose and can find a good flow which strengthens and nourishes.

Who can join?

We want to create a retreat where we can make the most of the wonderful biodanza method. Therefore, it is an advantage if you already have some experience with biodanza. 

Feel a desire to join in, but lack experience with biodanza? Get in touch, and we will find out together whether this can still be suitable! Maybe this is perfect for you after all!

Unni Heim is a warm and sensitive facilitator, space-holder and therapist. 

She grew up in northern Norway under the midnight sun, the northern lights and magical dark winters, but most of her adult life she has lived in Oslo or abroad. 

Since the year 2000, she has been on a deeply transformative journey, both personally and professionally. From an international career in telecommunications in the 90s, via life-threatening illness, she now works full-time with dance, meditation and human development. 

Bringing people together to support our deeper life journey is her greatest passion.

She is a trained engineer, psychosynthesis therapist and biodanza teacher.
In 2004 she founded Biodanza in Norway, and opened Norway's leading biodanza weekly group in 2007. In 2011 she founded and opened Norwegian Biodanza School. 

Today she is an internationally recognized biodance teacher and is regularly invited to teach and facilitate in several countries around the world. She has trained the vast majority of biodanza teachers in Norway, and has herself led biodanza weekly groups, courses and workshops for 17 years. 

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